Tax Law
Wise Law has a clear focus on company- and financial law. We work targeted and in a way that is right for you and fits your business.
Tax Law
Our lawyers have over 25 years of experience in commercial business advisory services and financial services.
Tax Law
Our clients are whether or not financial enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises and larger ones.
Tax Law
Wise Law are daily engaged in Company law, Shareholders disputes, Corporate acquisitions, Financial products, Financial enterprises, Finacial disputes and Cases.
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Tax Law

Tax advice and tax procedures for entrepreneurs – In all phases of entrepreneurship – at the start, expansion, termination, cooperation with others or takeover – tax issues play an important role. What is an optimal structure or method of financing for tax purposes, now and in the future?

Remuneration issues – Taxation also plays an often important role in staff remuneration issues, such as how specific remuneration incentives and fees are taxed, in both national and international relationships. Is there now or not an employment relationship?
In international relations, in particular the issues to which country the levy on certain benefits accrues (such as the “salary split”) and 30 percent schemes play an important role. The tax advisors associated with WISE LAW BV advise employers and employees in this, together with the employment law specialists at the office.

Dispute with the Dutch Tax Authorities – If you are confronted with a dispute with the Tax Authorities about a tax assessment, whether or not after a book review, it is advisable to be assisted by a professional party who has an eye for both formal procedural and substantive side of the matter. In many cases, a solution in mutual consultation with the Tax Authorities is preferred. If consultation proves to be impossible or does not produce the desired result, a reduction of the assessments will be initiated through an objection and possible appeal procedure. WISE LAW BV can assist you in consultation, objection and appeal procedures.

Tax issues in your private life – Tax issues often also play an important role in the personal lives of entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs, such as in the event of a divorce, family succession or inheritance. In all these cases, WISE LAW BV can provide you with specific advice, whereby the tax aspects are weighed against your personal wishes and circumstances. The tax advisors do this in close consultation with the family and inheritance law specialists of the office.

What can our tax law specialists do for you? – Tax law issues are in many cases closely related to issues in other jurisdictions. We therefore look for advice or a solution that fits within your company and / or personal situation. The specialists in the field of Dutch tax law associated with WISE LAW BV therefore keep close contact with the specialists in other areas of law.