Mediation in conflicts for companies – Conflicts are inevitable. WISE LAW BV believes in the power of mediation for companies. In the presence of an independent mediator, the parties discuss their conflict with each other and look for an optimal solution. So there is no judge involved. You not only save (a lot of) time, but also money and energy.

Business conflicts or labor disputes are resolved faster and often better through mediation. It saves time and costs. In addition, you are directly involved in the realization of the solution. It leads to sustainable solutions that both parties support and where there is more room for business wishes and interests.

Cross-border conflicts – Cross-border conflicts are ideal for alternative dispute resolution because you often have to deal with different jurisdictions, cultures and various sub-conflicts that must be resolved. By bringing all parties together and considering the problem as a whole, we find solutions that persist through consultation at the table.

Our professionals are constantly focused on finding solutions. Litigation costs much more in a material and immaterial sense, in addition to time and energy.