Liability law
Wise Law has a clear focus on company- and financial law. We work targeted and in a way that is right for you and fits your business.
Liability law
Our lawyers have over 25 years of experience in commercial business advisory services and financial services.
Liability law
Our clients are whether or not financial enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises and larger ones.
Liability law
Wise Law are daily engaged in Company law, Shareholders disputes, Corporate acquisitions, Financial products, Financial enterprises, Finacial disputes and Cases.
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Liability law

Advising and litigating on liability of companies, directors and products – Have you suffered damage? Does your contract partner not comply with his agreements? Have you been held liable for, for example, a mistake made, for a service or product?

What can our liability law attorneys mean for you? – Every person and every entrepreneur runs risks and can be held liable for certain damage or mistakes made. We can help you limit risks by advising you on the choice of a specific legal form, your general terms and conditions, the agreements to be drawn up or insurance against specific risks.

Your concern as an entrepreneur is that your rights are clearly formulated and that you are aware of your duties. A contract is often the only support when there is discussion with your contract partner. We provide that strong foundation so that entrepreneurship cannot result in undesirable liabilities.

Even if you have suffered damage, we are happy to be of service. The main rule is that the damage remains where it falls, but in practice damage can often be recovered. We can advise you on this. Our lawyers advise and litigate in the areas of:

  • Liability of companies
  • Assessment of contracts
  • Professional liability
  • Personal injury
  • Product liability
  • Non-performance or tort

If you have suffered damage, we will assess whether or not it can be recovered from another party, for example on the basis of non-performance (if there is an agreement between the parties) or on the basis of an unlawful act. In the event of default, it is important that you prepare a legally valid notice of default.