The employment lawyers at WISE LAW BV help you and / or your company to make optimal use of (commercial) opportunities and to limit the legal risks that labor law entails. We think along with you, manage the case or the project, act as a sparring partner and in-house lawyer and we relieve where necessary.

Lawyers Employment Law – We advise on all types of employment law issues. For example, we assist companies that are faced with a reorganization, merger or takeover. In doing so, we think along strategically and we keep the interests of the company in mind. At the same time, our employment law team is ready for practical implementation. Employee participation can play an important role in this, but of course also the individual employee, for example the drafting of a (flexible) employment contract, settlement agreement or severance arrangement. We also assist employers who are confronted with issues in the field of health and safety in the workplace and privacy. Our employment law team also has extensive experience with (statutory) directors, individual dismissal issues, illness, reintegration and issues related to competition, deployment and secondment. Our employment law team has specialized knowledge in the field of pensions.

The working method of employment lawyers at WISE LAW BV is based on excellent legal knowledge and experience and is focused on practical solutions. In addition to advising and negotiating, litigation is also carried out if necessary. Our employment law team shares their knowledge with you through newsletters and seminars.