Company law entails the operating rules and organisation. These rules anchor in what way management is divided and what formalities the various officials within the organization should comply with. Compliance with company law is necessary for ‘good corporate governance’. In case of insufficient attention to the corporate governance the organization cannot function efficiently and creates the risk that mistakes are made. That can lead to liability of Directors or Supervisory board members.

Wise Law assist companies and other organizations with proper corporate governance. We give advice on the content of Articles of Association, shareholders’ agreements and management regulations making the formal establishment of the organization in keeping with the actual working methods and responsibilities of the company. Increasingly this advice is sought to make decision-making less formal and also to avoid the risks of liability of Directors and Supervisory board members.

We provide assistance to multiple companies with the preparation of the necessary company documentation, such as shareholders decrees, powers of attorney, board resolutions and similar documents. Mostly this concerns foreign companies.